Gibbons is focused on development of property in strategic locations with long term demand that attracts the highest return in all market conditions, because we meet the needs of our tenants (customers) and their business.

We have the development capability to meet the requirements of a broad range of customers. As the regions most experienced construction company we have delivered numerous ‘turnkey’ projects including multi-complex developments.


Diversified and balanced portfolio

Our portfolio is diversified across three key sectors – industrial, commercial and bulk retail. It includes:

  • Industrial estates
  • Warehouse & distribution centres
  • Office parks
  • Bulk retail centers
  • Commercial office buildings
  • Residential and sub-divisions

Investment across different sectors enables us to diversify exposure to a wider cross section of the economy and therefore different market driven supply cycles.


Project types:

Industrial & Commercial

Retail & Bulk Retail

Education & Medical


Restoration & Special Projects


Additional offering:

Crane Hire

Stressed Concrete Products


We build it like we own it

Founded in the 1950’s we are the regions most experienced construction company. Drawing on our substantial property development and ownership experience, we apply ‘whole process’ thinking to identify innovative ways of reducing costs, maximising your returns and ensuring the long term durability of the building. 



2200 hectares of sustainably harvested Radiata Pine and Douglas Fir plantations. 

Our investment in forestry strengthens the group providing further diversification in our portfolio. As a significant private forest owner in the region, planting trees is not only an investment, but also aligned with our commitment to protect and enhance the natural environment and offer an alternate resource.


Sustainable harvest level

Our total established area is 2300 hectares of mixed species with approximately 80% Radiata Pine and 20% Douglas fir. We have established an even spread over the age classes providing a sustainable harvest level of 50,000 tonne per year at maturity.

We focus on both the domestic and export market with providing a range of products including structural framing grade and high appearance grade sawlogs.


Geographical spread 

Our forests are geographically spread over the top of the south including Nelson City, Golden Downs, Motupiko, Glenhope, Riwaka Valley and Murchison.