Our family team of directors is small, flexible and reactive. We have created a clear vision and well defined strategy for the company and are actively engaged in delivery. We are focused on constructive relationships, enduring demand for our premium property offering and providing value to clients and tenants.


Senior Management

Our highly experienced management team is focused on supporting the delivery of a top-performing property portfolio and efficiency across all aspects of the design & build process. This extends to meeting the needs of tenants, the people who contribute to the success of our projects and the communities we serve.




The Gibbons property team actively manage a diversified and high-quality property portfolio. We are customer focused, solutions based and are dedicated to our tenants.



At Gibbons we seek to attract and retain a diverse and productive workforce that will continue to embrace challenges and opportunities. We provide our staff opportunities to grow and a supportive environment, we are mindful that good people have contributed to our success to date. 

Our workforce, our tenants and clients are all a part of our extended family, we have a deep commitment to people, and community with a drive to give back. We will retain our staff by ensuring we have a good work/life balance.  


We are committed to encouraging development of the next generation of tradespeople and construction professionals through our construction Apprenticeship programme.  We look for those who show a real commitment to developing their practical skills and completing their studies and look to recruit apprentices directly from institutions or through referrals. 

We provide a comprehensive training programme, mentorship and support to our apprentices while offering them the opportunity to work on a diverse range of commercial construction projects with a great team of experts.

Email us for info on our Apprenticeship program.