Nelson Airport Traffic Control Tower

Airport 24th August-17.jpg
Airport Terminal - April 18 IMG 10.jpg


Project: Design & Build

Location: Nelson Airport

Client: Airways Corporation NZ

Value: $3m

Contract period: October 2016 till June 2018

Consultants: Studio Pacific Architects -Wellington, Dunning Thornton Structural Engingeers - Wellington 

Affectionately known as the"Popcorn Box"for its unique shape, this six-storey bespoke control tower was delivered under a Design/Build contract. The main structure uses precast panels tapering outwards to create a trapezoidal box spanning five floors of meeting rooms, server rooms, offices and a control cab sitting atop. 

Creating something that is largely structural in form yet making it aesthetically pleasing to the eye has been a real test. Assembly of the precast panels on the angle, on ever-increasing footplates was managed through careful planning and utilization of our expertise in our crane division. The control tower cab was prefabricated off site to expedite the pro­gramme and craned into position once the precast panels and concrete works were completed. 

Construction within a 'live' airport and dealing with the heightened awareness around debris and airborne risks to air­craft has also been a real challenge and one which we have successfully achieved without incident. This is a stunning building that captures the imagination and we are proud to have been the main contractor tasked with its delivery.