Clifford House



Project: Partial Demolition, Seismic Strengthening, Refurbishment and Fit-

Location: 38 Halifax Street, Nelson

Client: G.P Investments Ltd.

Value: $2.4m

Contract period: 12 months

Consultants: AMK Consulting Engineers, Arthouse Architects

Clifford House is situated upon 38 Halifax Street and holds a great deal of significance to the Gibbons group in terms of nostalgia and the claim of being one of the first properties under the Gibbons Property portfolio.  

However, since mid 2013, it remained vacant and un-tenanted due to the seismic risk and low NBS it held. After reviewing various seismic strengthening designs, Gibbons settled on a course of action to resurrect this building and it is planned to undergo a substantial body of work.  

The first part of the process was partial demolition being the removal the top two floors to reduce the mass of the building and thus reduce the amount of strengthening work.  This work was not insignificant and works were controlled and managed so that the demolished was undertaken without any risk or damage to neighbouring properties

The next phase was to undertake the strengthening and re-build work. This was a combined effort of foundations, bracing, increase in suspended floor seating and a multi-floor steel k-brace, together lifting the hinge point of the structure to the first floor and dramatically improving the seismic performance of the building.

The top floor is to be re-built in lightweight framing with a new roof over a steel portal frame.  The finished result was a building >80%NBS. 

The last phase was to refurbish and modernise the exterior, interior, improve functionality and provide new tenant facilities. The directive for the desired outcome is to have a completed building ready to let which, from the exterior and interior, has the look and feel of a new building with a look that will last, is economical and is maintenance friendly. This was achieved with new exterior claddings of Alucobond with new painting over the entire building, new Aluminium joinery throughout, improving accessibility with a new entrance and new internal stairs and lastly bringing services and creating commercial office toilet areas on each floor all with quality fittings.

With the above complete, we were able to secure an excellent tenant and were proud to assist with their fit-out which was again was to a very high standard.