Lucas House

Project: Commercial

Location: 51 Halifax Street, Nelson

Client: Gibbons Property Investments

Value: $3.4 Million

Contract period: 12 Months

Consultants: Irving Smith Jack Architects

Lucas House has made a significant impact on the advancement of timber construction technology integration into multistory commercial construction. The innovative design which reflects these new technologies, utilizes structural timber components, with engineered concrete to form a structurally sound response to new building standards.

It represents a significant step towards an environmentally responsible and realizable timber commercial building type. Utilizing locally engineered and produced timber components, this building aspires to legacy and has quickly attracted a full house of tenants.

Incorporating new earthquake dampening technology, new timber technology, multiple stories and an inner city site provided Gibbons Construction the opportunity to create something special.

The accuracy required when building a multi-level timber and precast concrete structure like Lucas House should not be overlooked. The majority of the timber structure and concrete work throughout the building not only remains exposed but has also become an architectural feature of the design. Every joint fits like a glove, allowing the timber and concrete to be the show piece it deserves to be.

The exposure to these new and established techniques gained during the construction of this building has given the Gibbons Construction team significant experience and advantage for many other LVL timber structures it has completed since.